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Re: Gag me with a blunt …

At 00:00 17/03/01, you wrote:
>Jesús Quiroga scripsit:
> > This is not an error in the XML 1.0 spec, IMHO. Apparently, U+0085 was
> > assigned in Unicode 3.0, and XML 1.0 is based on Unicode 2.0.
>U+0085 has been around since Unicode 1.0, and its assignment to NEW LINE
>is from ISO 6429, which dates back to 1983 or so.

This assignment was not included in Unicode 2.0., just the option to
use it.

> > XML 1.0 could not possibly comply in 1998 with a standard published in 
> 2000.
>XML 1.0 chose not to implement non-ASCII whitespace characters from 
>Unicode 2.0.

Right. That's exactly the point. Unicode 2.0 made it optional and XML 1.0 chose
not to. If a future version of XML chooses to recognize it, fine.