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[ANN] Turing Machine Markup Language

Just for fun, I created a Turing Machine Markup Language (TMML).
It's an XML language for describing Turing machines.
I also created a TMML interpreter in XSLT. This XSLT 
stylesheet, which is a Universal Turing Machine, executes 
the Turing machine that is described in the TMML source 

For more details, please see http://www.unidex.com/turing/.

Best regards,


<sig name    = 'Bob Lyons'
     title   = 'E-Commerce Consultant'
     company = 'Unidex, Inc.'
     phone   = '+1-732-975-9877'
     email   = 'boblyons@unidex.com'
     url     = 'http://www.unidex.com/'
     product = 'XML Convert: transforms flat files to XML and vice versa' />