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RE: A simple guy with a simple problem

Thomas B. Passin said:
> >  <FOO>
> >  <LIT TEXT="hello">         <![CDATA[This is literal
> >           stuff]]>
> >           </lit>
> >  <LIT TEXT="stuff">         this is some stuff
> >           </lit></foo>
> >
> This is not well-formed because the case of <FOO> doesn't 
> match  the case of
> </foo>.  I presume this can be fixed easily, yes?
> Cheers,
> Tom P

You are right on both counts.  Put it down to my shoddy typing of the input
file and forgetfulness about the incomplete XML parsing implementation in
the version of Omnimark I was using.  I should have used a later version, or
remembered to turn on case sensitivity in the parsing.