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Good HTML Web sites (Was: Good XML Websites)

In a message dated 20/03/01 06:40:30 GMT Standard Time, ricko@allette.com.au

I am making up a list of the best XML websites, where "best" means "this is
a website I go to as part of my daily/weekly routine or because
references/links typically lead me there".

My personal list would be, for non-vendor sites:

#1 xmlhack.com (opinionated digest of mail lists)
#2 xml.com (articles, resources)
#3 Cover's Cover Pages (comprehensive topical collections, with abstracts)
#4 Elliotte's cafe latte (opinion)
#5 citeseer (abstracts and copies of scholarly articles, not much specific

For vendor/product sites:

#1 W3C (technical specifications)
#2 alphaworks at IBM (toys)

What are other people's top lists?   In particular, I am interested in
websites that are interesting.



Each of the web sites you list is actually an HTML site, although admittedly
several of them use well-formed HTML (aka XHTML 1.0 Transitional).

A much more interesting question, I suggest, would be where are the good
sites expressed in XML, rather than simply identifying HTML sites whose
subject matter is XML.

It would also be interesting to know how many of these "XML websites" use XML
in the back end. IBM Alphaworks uses Lotus Domino. I am not sure about the
others you list, all of which by the way are interesting sites.

BTW there are a couple of minor errors in your list. Rusty Harrold's site is
"Cafe Con Leche". What is the URL for citeseer (you repeated the URL for the
Cover Pages, I think)?


Andrew Watt