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HTML --> XHTML --> XML Conversion (HTML Scraping)

Title: HTML --> XHTML --> XML Conversion (HTML Scraping)

I'm wondering if anyone has any info on HTML scraping and how to extract from HTML to get XML data.  My idea is to convert HTML to XHTML first and then go from there.  I have found couple of software vendors that claim to provide HTML -> XML + XSL conversion or direct HTML to WAP/VoiceXML conversions.  One is www.percussion.com and other is www.spyglassmobile.com.  Are there any other tools out there that can perform HTML scraping for XML data generation?  Or what logic is best for data extraction after I have XHTML Dom Model?

Gul Imran
Sr. Software Engineer, R & D
e-Business Customer Interaction Solutions
Nortel Networks

"What the tech is going on?"