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ANN: examplotron.

Beating Hook, Rick Jelliffe's single element schema language has been
quite a challenge, but I am happy to announce examplotron [1] a schema
language without any element.

Although examplotron does include an attribute, this attribute is
optional and you can build quite a number of schemas without using it
and I think it fair to say that examplotron is the most natural and easy
to learn XML schema language defined up to know ;=) ...

The idea beyond examplotron -and the reason why it's so simple to use-
is to define schemas giving sample documents.

Although examplotron can be used as a standalone tool, it can also be
used to generate schemas for more classical -and powerful- languages and
I don't think it will compete with them but rather complement them.

Thanks for your comments,

Enjoy !


[1] http://examplotron.org/
Rendez-vous  Paris pour net2001.
Eric van der Vlist       Dyomedea                    http://dyomedea.com
http://xmlfr.org         http://4xt.org              http://ducotede.com