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URI resolver was Re: RDDL and XML Schemas Proposed Recommendation

Justin Couch wrote:
> Jonathan Borden wrote:
> > This gets me thinking about RDDLs interactions with URI persistance
> > policies - it would be good if in some way we can say:
> >
> > xxx URI is equivalent to yyy URI
> > ... so when you ask for something with xxx nature, treat something with
> > nature as equivalent.
> This exists - the II URI resolver request. Is this URI equal/equivalent
> to this other URI I've given you. Allows you to map URLs to URNs to
> check equivalency.

When you say 'exists': Is this something I can easily use and people can
easily setup? For example can anyone with a web server easily administer
this protocol, or is this something that will require deployment of an

How would I do this? (As you can see I'm sort of a dummy about this stuff so
I will need some very basic instructions about what to do if you have a

> Subsetting is an interesting problem, and one that does not really map
> well to URI concepts. A URI identifies a resource. How do you subset an
> identifier when you really don't know what that identifier means until
> the point you resolve it to a real resource instance. A subset only has
> meaning after you map it to a fixed thing.

Things like RDF allow you to make statements "about" resources without
needing to resolve the URI. The resource that a URI identifies is distinct
from the "entity" that the URI may resolve to from time to time (the entity
is not guarenteed to be constant e.g. a stock price --very unfortunately
these days).