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Announcing Developmentor's XML Tutorial


This web-based tutorial introduces you to the history of markup languages,
the evolving family of XML technologies, and the basics of XML syntax. This
tutorial is not intended to provide complete or comprehensive coverage of
each XML specification. On the contrary, it is geared specifically towards
distributed application developers who needs a quick introduction to the
world of XML before diving deeper into the various XML specifications.

The ever increasing number of XML specifications, acronyms/terms, and
tools/products can be very intimidating for those new to the technology and
even for those who have been around it for some time. This tutorial attempts
to clarify these concepts along with the overall big picture by focusing on
the core topics that developers need to be familiar with today.

Again, this tutorial differs from traditional XML coverage in that it
focuses more on the needs of distributed application developers than those
of traditional XML/SGML developers working with document-based systems.


Aaron Skonnard

Martin Gudgin