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Re: Web Philosophy

Gavin Thomas Nicol wrote:
> This is not really true. People are often brought in as
> invited experts. The thing you do need is rather large
> quantities of time, energy and perseverence.

I've heard this one over and over and, let's face it, being an "invited
expert" is not a realistic option for most general members of the
public. It assumes that you:
(a) are well enough known to get invited,
(b) have enough time to contribute at the level of a WG member,
(c) have enough money to attend (flight, hotel, etc.) the WG meetings.

(a) cuts out most of the world and (b) and (c) cut out most of the
remaining people.

I'm not saying anything about whether the W3C is open or closed -- just
that I'm tired of hearing the "invited expert" argument as a reasonable
route to allow non-W3C members to participate.

Ronald Bourret
Programming, Writing, and Training
XML, Databases, and Schemas