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Re: Web Philosophy

>Gavin Thomas Nicol wrote:
> > FWIW. I will say that the DOM had *huge* conflicts as well, and
> > in retrospect, it amazes me that the DOM 1 specification came
> > out as well as it did. I think this is a tribute to Lauren Wood,
> > the chair, and to the people on the working group that were
> > willing to compromise enough for consensus, but not enough to
> > totally pollute it.

Nobody said consensus was easy -- there's quite a few of us running around 
with battle scars, inflicted both publicly and privately to prove it. But 
as Gavin says, as long as the compromise doesn't leave the end result 
completely ineffective (and unfortunately I believe it has on at least one 
occasion), the struggle is genuinely worth the results.

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