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RE: experts

> Of course it's a total waste of time to try to explain this here. 
> Whatever. Keep on truckin. Dave

FYI. Both Marcus and I have been doing "work in the trenches"
for a very long time, as have a lot of the people you would 
deem "experts". Guess what, I even do a lot of web development...
and I mean a *lot*.

Our experience may be somewhat different from the typical
"web developer", but it's certainly no less valid...
we tend to end up with systems that are generally 
more reliable, more scalable, and more cost effective over 
time than those thrown together by a "typical web developer".

FWIW. I'm not flaming your general notion that you have to 
design for and with the users, but saying that "experts"
are incapable of it is a disservice. You, yourself are
often touted as an expert...