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RE: humility (was RE: experts)

> I'm not sure about "designed by geniuses so it can be used by 
> morons" - I'm suggesting perhaps "designed by people with 
> experience so that people with less experience can still
> use it without much risk." 

The person with enough experience to do the latter, is
an expert in my book. A genius with little real-world
experience, and no ability to interact with it, is
an ignoramus without an intermediary... 

> I really like Rick Jelliffe's discussion of 
> 'institutional humility' as he applied it to 
> internationalization of development

As Rick would quickly point out, this is very rarely
seen in practise... people have agendas, and work
on them in the context of their culture (where
any group develops a culture). People need to
make a conscious effort to step outside. In the
context of web/XML development, this is happening
more and more often.

This is the first year that I've seen globalisation
mentioned as a key component in the future of the
web with any degree of regularity...