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Re: Should we let XT fade away (Last Call)

On Thu, 29 Mar 2001, Eric van der Vlist wrote:

> On the other hand, a new benchmark [4] published on XML.com shows that
> XT is, by far, the fastest open source XSLT processor (for any
> implementation language) and the only processor that seems to be able to
> compete with Microsoft's implementation.

Well, on a performance basis, sure. But not on compliance. If I recall
correctly it was Michael Kay's article on IBM DeveloperWorks that
basically said that XT was so fast *because* it didn't implement the full
spec, and making it implement that remaining 5% of the spec would bring it
back to about Saxon's speed. Or something to that effect.

If that is the case, then yes, let it die. If people think they can
implement the remaining features without losing that performance, then I'm
sure they will go ahead and do so. Remember - open source software never
dies completely...


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