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Re: Syntax Sugar and XML information models

Gavin Thomas Nicol wrote -
> > other formats or navigation, they expect editing that looks like it is
> > acting in-place to actually _be_ in-place, so that there are no other
> > changes?
> I think this is so. People generally expect editors to preserve almost
> all lexical structure...

One reason for this is that the exact formatting on the page helps people to
think and understand the structure (think about how important formatting
conventions are in C, for example).  When the editor changes the formatting
or normalizes whitespace, it causes a cognitive jolt and is very irritating.

An editor like Architag Xray is a pleasure to work with because it leaves
your text strictly alone.  Architag can actually validate against your dtd
as you type, without interfering at all.  Those guys have the right idea.


Tom P