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Re: Announce: A Busy Developer's Guide to SOAP 1.1

>   Good afternoon. Here's a pointer to a specification that describes 
>a subset of
>   SOAP 1.1 that we believe is the common subset supported by most if 
>not all SOAP 1.1
>   implementations.

This is not a SOAP bash, or flame bait...but could you describe in a 
few paragraphs

     (a) is so complicated that there arose a common subset of what
         developers have been able to get working

     (b) makes it difficult for busy developers to understand and
         therefore a "busy developer's guide" is needed

     (c) what you've learned about the SOAP development process that
         led to this state, and how you recommend other organizations
         avoid the same problems?

It strikes me that 'simple' is no longer the operative word and is 
now a historical artifact.