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Re: attribute order (RE: Syntax Sugar and XML information models)

At 12:01 AM 3/31/01 +1000, Justin Couch wrote:
>"Simon St.Laurent" wrote:
> >
> > Is there some kind of processing advantage for _parsers_ (not applications)
> > to report attribute values in any sequence other than their original 
> sequence?
>If we take the SAX like approach with some minor mods: The callback says
>"here is an element and here are a bunch of attributes". It is possible
>that the attribute collection gets returned as a HashMap of name/value
>pairs (SAX returns effectively an array). If you ask for a list of the
>keys in the hashmap it is pretty likely that the list order will not
>correspond to the declaration order.

It is possible, but is it optimal?  I suspect the HashMap takes more 
overhead than the array, though I could be wrong about that.

I don't see an advantage for the parser there.

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