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Re: CDATA sections in W3C XML Infoset

On Fri, 30 Mar 2001, John Cowan wrote:

> Bob Kline wrote:
> > We don't accept documents into the repository with CDATA sections.  
> > We can do that because we're not a general-purpose XML repository 
> > product.
> Okay.  Then in fact what you allow is any random text, XML or not,
> provided it doesn't contain "<![CDATA[" or "]]>".  (You stated in
> the earlier message that not-well-formed text was acceptable; "not
> well formed" means the same as "not XML".)

No.  The standard processing of the embedded document is as a validated
XML document.  The customer decided that, in the odd case in which a
newly imported document was not well-formed it was unacceptable to take
the draconian approach of rejecting the document; we are instead
required to provide temporary storage for the document until it can be
cleaned up.  In any case, such a document must not cause the entire set
of commands in which it appears to fail.

Bob Kline