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Data mapping / loading (?)

Sorry for the vague subject-- I have been searching for a simple way to load
data from one XML file into another and haven't found exactly what I am
looking for.  What I want to do is load an XML file with data values
(source) and load an XML file with some content (dest) and then move
contents from source to dest.  I would like to create a third "mapping" file
that specifies how to move the data from one to the other, most likely using
XPath.  The following is a simplified example of what I am looking for


  <question>Five plus five equals?</question>
  <answer name="value1"></answer>

  <source href="source.xml"/>
  <dest href="dest.xml"/>
  <assign source="source/value1" dest="dest/answer[@name='value1']">

I know it is most likely possible using XSLT but I haven't figured out how
to do it without copying the whole destination document-- which seems like
overkill when I only want to change a few nodes.  Is XSLT the answer? Anyone
have any ideas?

Thanks in advance,
Jeff Rafter