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Re: ANN: XMLCooktop 2.200

xml is more likely to be everywhere
if you can make cooktop cross-platform ...

you big tease!

XML Everywhere wrote:

> The response to Cooktop 2.100 has been
> tremendous.  To express our thanks for
> your feedback and support, we have made 
> Cooktop 2.200 available, once again free 
> of charge.
> XML Cooktop is a development environment for 
> writing and testing style sheets, XML documents, DTDs, 
> and XPATHs.
> Get Cooktop at XMLEverywhere.
> http://xmleverywhere.com/cooktop
> Version 2.200 contains an improved installer,
> asks whether to overwrite file associations,
> supports more XSLT engines, and 
> much, much more.
> Release notes:  
> http://xmleverywhere.com/cooktop/2.200.htm

David DS Barnes
MED | Imperial College | Exhibition Rd | London sw7 2bx
t/f:0207 594 7181/7127

tap vein, mine deep, share gold