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Re: XML Schema regex

On 04 Apr 2001 13:44:32 -0400, Simon St.Laurent wrote:
> Has anyone done a brief description of how XML Schema Regular Expressions 
> (described in Appendix F) differ from Perl regular expressions?
> The Primer has an appendix with examples, but it would be nice to have a 
> simple diff, kind of like James Clark's classic:
> http://www.w3.org/TR/NOTE-sgml-xml

Rick Jelliffe wrote something about this for XML.com.  It's probably not
in as much detail as you'd like, but I thought it worth pointing out


The W3C XML Schema Specification in Context
by Rick Jelliffe
January 10, 2001 

This article gives simple comparisons between the W3C XML Schemas and

    * W3C XML instances
    * W3C XML DTDs
    * ISO SGML meta-DTDs
    * Perl regular expressions

And some technologies that have arisen as a response to it:

    * Schematron
    * DSD

Perl stuff starts here:

-- Edd