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XML DevCon 2001: Who's going?

Hi all -

I just thought I'd drop everyone a note to see who's attending the XML 
DevCon conference next week. It's being held at the New York Marriott 
Marquis from Sunday to Wednesday (4/8 - 4/11). I have to admit I am VERY 
impressed with the speaker list and I'm looking forward to some of these 

Well, that's primarily because the speaker list is mostly xml-dev 
regulars....Jonathan Borden, Matt Sergeant, Jonathan Robie, Tommie Usdin, 
Roger Costello, Lisa Rein, David Orchard, Martin Gudgin, Kurt Cagle, 
Michael Rys, Linda Grimaldi, Didier Martin, Gavin Nicol, James Tauber, 
Steve Muench, Bob DuCharme, Dave Carlson, Uche Ogbuji, Eve Maler, Ron 
Bourret, and Simon St. Laurent.

With most of the list speaking at the show and a lot more attending, I 
thought I'd check to see if anyone wanted to get together for dinner or a 
drink. Maybe we should all write "XML-DEV" on our name tags.

Anyway, there's still time to register for the show 
(http://www.xmldevcon2001.com) but if your work won't pay for it, you can 
sign up for a free pass. That will get you into the exhibit hall, the 
keynotes, some technical/management briefings, and the special events. That 
will probably be enough to hook up with other xml-devers.


If you're going to be at the conference, feel free to email me offlist and 
we can hook up with everyone else going. I'll start a list - feel free to 
pop your head in the press room, which is where my homebase will be for the 
show. But my wife is attending on behalf of her MIT Lab so I'll be out and 
about geeking around with her as well.

Looking forward to it...

B.K. DeLong

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