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Re: [ANN] XTooX - free XLink processor

In a message dated 06/04/01 14:12:02 GMT Daylight Time,
c.nentwich@cs.ucl.ac.uk writes:

Ladies and Gentlemen,

please direct your browsers to
where you will find XTooX, an open source XLink processor.

XTooX takes out-of-line extended XLinks and puts them into the documents
that they
are pointing to (we call that "folding a linkbase"). If you have a link
that gives you a linkbase and an XSL processor, you can now produce
entire web
sites automatically. So don't forget to stop by at
http://www.xlinkit.com to get
the link generator :)

XTooX was originally implemented as a student project at University
College London. I have tried to clean up the source code a bit, but
there is almost no
documentation inside the package at the moment. Nevertheless, "release
early, release often", so please feel free to have a look around. If you
don't like code, there is a servlet on the web for you to try out.

Comments welcome!

Christian Nentwich


I think the name could be confusing. I assume you are aware of Empolis' X2X
XLink processor?

You can imagine the conversation at a future XLink conference: "I am using
XTooX". ... "Sorry, can you speak up a little. Are you using X2X or XTooX?".


Andrew Watt