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RE: Linkbases, Topic Maps, and RDF Knowledge Bases -- help me

Hi Ouche,

Ouche said:
If one of these suit you, then I think you're drawing a false parallel
with frames.  Frames are more analogous to the resource in the resulting
abstract model.

Didier replies:
The format of the <ref:description> element _may_ have the characteristics
of a frame. It is precisly this characteristics which - in the context of
links - brings all its value. Obviously the abstract model behind it may be
totally different, even be more complex. However, the result or the
serialized format: the frame, can be processed easily, understood even more

If we say to a newbe: if you have a particular XML vocabulary just add these
attributes and you transform any of your elements into a link. This person
may infer that it is like OO and that we simply inherited a behavior. Then,
if we say: add a collection of properties to a link (or to a locator) and
you now have a descriptiona about what is pointed. This person may infer
that we have a kind of semantic link or a link having more than simply a
pointer. It is now a link containing information about what is pointed. Not
too hard to grasp for any newbe (ok the person has some notions about XML
and is not totally newbe - but it remains that the concept is not too hard
to grasp anyway).

The whole point has been said previously. A link is a pointer to something.
An red:description... a description _about_ something. Now if this
description could be made applicable in different context like for instance
the context of a pointer, then we have now a pointer and a description about
what is pointed. Simply from a utilitarian point of view.

So, even if the model behind it is complex, the frame concept is easy to
grasp and therefore accessible to more people and could used in day to day
applications. its only that having a link pointing to a particular node and
having this link augmented with meta data packaged as a frame is
tremendously useful for knowledge managemtn and easy to grasp. Hence we
simply multiply the possibilities that people will do useful things with it.
Moreover, we make it more accessible to practical people.

Didier PH Martin
site: http://www.talva.com
email: martind@netfolder.com
book: Professional XML (wrox)
next conferences: xml devcon 2001 New York
                  Wireless One