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Re: "Binary XML" proposals

> Hey - that sounds cunning! The only thing I don't get though :
> This approach is definitly faster than sending text-based XML through
> <- the connection and reparse it on the other side, especially when
> <- you've got many request with small amounts of XML to be transfered,
> <- since the XML parser overhead is to much in this case.
> Don't you have to parse XML first at the sender side to generate the SAX
> events?

It depends on who the sender is. The ozone server is a database,
that stores DOM directly. So, for transmission from ozone->client
you don't need to parse. 

If the sender is the client it could be possible that it has
to parse the document first to create SAX events, but one could
create SAX events via the API too. 

But if we would use text-based XML we'd need to parse it always
on the receiver side where we can now use the compiled SAX events.

Best Regards,

Gerd Mueller                                    gerd@smb-tec.com     
SMB GmbH                                  http://www.smb-tec.com