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Re: XML Schema min/max/Inclusice/Exclusive facet question

Thanks for your advices. 

In message "RE: XML Schema min/max/Inclusice/Exclusive facet question",
Biron,Paul V wrote...
 >> -----Original Message-----
 >> > 1. When the {primitive type definition} is float or double built-in
 >> type,
 >> >    can I specify NaN, INF or -INF as value of
 >> min/max/Inclusice/Exclusive facet?
 >> >    Is this constrainted in the specification ?
 >> As far as I know, yes, you can. Simply because NaN and INF and such things
 >> are lawful member of value space. There is no reason to prohibit them, and
 >> in
 >> fact there is no explicit statement that prohibits the use of them.
 >Yes it is legal.  As for how the "special values" figure into the order
 >relation on float and double, the spec says [1]:

sorry, I failed to notice this.

 >> > 2. About "Constraint on Schemas: maxInclusive and maxExclusive", is it error that
 >> >    deriving by adding the maxInclusive facet, when the maxExclusive is among the
 >> >    members of {facets} of {base type definition} ?
 >> See section 4.3.7 "CoS: maxInclusive valid restriction". It is an error only
 >> if the specified value is greater than or equal to the value of
 >> maxExclusive.
 >We have clarified "Cos: maxInclusive and maxExclusive" to note that the
 >constraint only applies within a single derivation step.  That is, the
 >following is illegal:
 >	<simpleType name='myType1'>
 >		<restriction base='integer'>
 >			<maxExclusive value='11'/>
 >			<maxInclusive value='10'/>
 >		</restriction>
 >	</simpleType>
 >while the follow is perfectly legal:
 >	<simpleType name='myType2'>
 >		<restriction>
 >			<simpleType>
 >				<restriction base='integer'>
 >					<maxExclusive value='11'/>
 >				</restriction>
 >			</simpleType>
 >			<maxInclusive value='10'/>
 >		</restriction>
 >	</simpleType>

In the legal sample above, the maxExclusive facet is removed from
the "myType2" type ?

 KAZUMI Saito  FUJITSU Laboratories Ltd.