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Another binary XML approach


They basically have a piece of software called "IBM WebSphere Transcoding
Publisher" which - amongst other things - has the capability of compressing
XML for certain communication paths. I think this is geared towards the app
server and mobile markets, but has some advantages, one important one being
that on both endpoints of communication data is still good old
human-readable XML. One cool thing about it is that it can also do lossy
compression (if you will) - it reduces a document to some subset that can be
understood by the recipient device (e.g. it might strip some images or tags
not known by mobile devices).

Good read in any case.

Stefan Zier
Software Developer
Syntion AG - http://www.syntion.com
Leonrodplatz 2 - 80636 Munich/Germany
Phone +49 89 52 30 45-0
Fax +49 89 52 30 45-20