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RE: Another binary XML approach

>-----Original Message-----
>From: Stefan Zier [mailto:Stefan.Zier@syntion.com]
>I wasn't saying that every XML applications should have a man in the middle,
>but as WAP shows, there are applications in which it does make a lot of

I do a lot of work with WAP and experience with it has turned me off
binary XML encodings fairly comprehensively. I don't think
WAP demonstrates the advantage of a binary encoding. I think
it demonstrates quite the opposite.

My tests repeatedly show that the difference between response
times of the *same* system serving compact HTML (iMode)
to an iMode client browser versus WML to a WML
browser is negligible.

For my money, iMode got it right. A stripped down HTML with
plain text - pure as the driven snow - flowing from client to server.