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Dear XML-DEV list,
We are in the conceptual phase of development of an anthropology markup
language, which we have dubbed, AnthML. This endeavor, although
ambitious from the start, will require collaboration from the diverse
membership of the anthropology community, in order to bring it to
fruition. As we have already developed the prototype for the Digital
Archive Network for Anthropology (DANA; see http://atl.ndsu.edu), we are
using the prototype database content to commence construction of AnthML,
emphasizing first the subfield of archaeology, and secondly and to the
extent possible, simultaneously, the subdiscipline of physical
anthropology, with more refined focus on paleoanthropology and the
hominid evolutionary classification systems, including the various
phylogenies that exist in this arena.
If there among the membership of this list, archaeologists, physical
anthropologists, paleoanthropologists, museologists, or others concerned
with the cultural heritage arena, I would love to hear from you and
discuss with you the potential or real contributions that you may make
in participation as we move forward with the creation of AnthML.

From the desk of James [Jim] E. Landrum III
Archaeology Materials Manager and Database Developer
Digital Archive Network for Anthropology (DANA)
Archaeology Materials and Technologies Laboratories
North Dakota State University (NDSU), Fargo, ND USA 58105
Archaeology Materials Laboratory (AML) Ph. 701-231-8059
Archaeology Technologies Laboratory (ATL) Ph. 701-231-6434
ATL URL = http://atl.ndsu.edu
DANA URL = http://atl.ndsu.edu/archive
Email: james_landrum@ndsu.nodak.edu
Voice Mail: 701-231-4228