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Re: "Binary XML" proposals

"Al B. Snell" wrote:
> We use HTTP for RPCs, anyway? Being able to reuse Apache isn't a great
> win. It's easy to listen on a port, perform some kind of authentication on
> incoming connections, then just choose a scheme for delimiting requests
> and an error-signalling system for use in response. Voila!

On the other hand, a common, shared, messaging queue would be more
efficient in both network and server resources compared to anything else
unless only a single message/response is needed.

> One thing TCP does that's annoying is emulating a serial stream when you
> really do want a packetized RPC interface. Basically, the implementation
> goes to a lot of effort buffering - including delaying the delivery of
> arrived packets to the userland code until a lost packet is retransmitted
> - which you then undo by shoving in delimeters.

Have you ever enjoyed the horrors of X.25 programming?  I ported one
application that had a protocol that assumed that X.25 packet framing
was available.  What a nightmare!  I was saved only because it supported
an echo command that I could use after every real command to know when
it's data was complete.  The protocol has to be self-framing or you lose
your mind at some point.

> > Vassilis.
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