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Re: Binary XML - summary of discussion to date

On Fri, 13 Apr 2001, Rick Jelliffe wrote:

> This is utterly cart before the horse.  Things succeed if they fit into
> existing technical infrastructure: the WWW fits on top of the Internet, XML
> fits on top of text and on top of existing APIs for programming languages
> (e.g. printf() in C). 

And the whole issue of things succeesing if they "fit into existing
technical infrastructure" shows (IMHO) a big problem with the computer
industry; under the current commercial pressure to get products out no
matter how buggy they are, the standards that can be implemented with the
minimum of effort are taking the lead. Ease of implementation is taking
priority over quality :-(

...and fwrite()/fread() exist, too!

int16 x;
int32 y;
x = ntohs(x);
y = ntohl(y);


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