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XML spec dependencies chart --

As part of a lecture, I prepared a slide showing the dependencies of the
various W3C XML specs (plus SAX), and I thought this might be of interest
to some on this list. A screen capture of the PPT slide is found at:


The arrows indicate which specs a given spec depends on (dependencies
being accumulative). Orange corresponds to a 'recommendataion', and blue
to a working draft or a 'proposed recommendataion'. There are no
specification versions .... 

I hope to eventually turn this into an animated slide ... could have the
various spec's pop into appearance according to the historical timelines.
I suspect that the growth is at least exponential .....

Ian Graham ..........................  http://www.utoronto.ca/ian/
i a n   d o t   g r a h a m    a t    u t o r o n t o   d o t  c a