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Re: Massive Cross-Post: The State of XML-RPC, April 2001

Hi Mike, thanks for the pushback.
The world may not need XML-RPC but it also isn't going away just because SOAP 1.1 came along.
So the reason the BigCo's should be interested in XML-RPC is that there's a very active developer community, that in some ways, is considerably ahead of where we are with SOAP 1.1. They could bet on swamping XML-RPC, or they could hedge the bet and welcome the XML-RPC developers. This approach usually works well, but is not commonly practiced.
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Subject: RE: Massive Cross-Post: The State of XML-RPC, April 2001

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Subject: Massive Cross-Post: The State of XML-RPC, April 2001

Good morning, and apologies in advance for the massive cross-post.
I'm working on a new document describing the state of XML-RPC in April 2001. 
The document says:
"More and more XML-RPC is the wire protocol of independent developers.

In an ideal world there would be no wire protocol for anyone, or group of people, there would just be one wire protocol for everyone. But we've known for quite a while that this is not our idea of an ideal world. Accept things as they are."
I'm not too good at accepting things as they are because I'm told to, and  gave up all hope of living in an ideal world at about age 14.  Could someone explain WHY the real world needs XML-RPC in addition to SOAP? And WHY should "BigCos" support it? Isn't there some subset of SOAP that meets the needs of indie developers (like the one described in the "Busy Developer's Guide", maybe?).