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Announce: ElCel Technology release XML Validator 0.9

ElCel Technology are pleased to announce the public release of their XML
Validator.  This command-line program, previously only available to private
clients, is now being made available free-of-charge from the ElCel
Technology web site.

Written in ISO-standard C++ using ElCel Technology's C++ XML Toolkit, this
versatile program faithfully and accurately implements the W3C XML 1.0
Recommendation in full. It is available in binary form for Windows and
Linux-Intel platforms.

Full details can be obtained from the ElCel Technology web site.  A brief
list of features that you may find interesting:-
- it is fast and friendly
- there are no limits on file size or line length
- it can recover from errors and go on to report further errors
- it will read entities from the local file system or HTTP URLs
- it optionally supports the W3C Namespaces recommendation

Please feel free to download and use it in your projects.

Kind Regards
Rob Lugt
ElCel Technology Limited