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Re: open sourced xml diff tools or package ?

See http://www.deltaxml.com for an xml diff package which is free for 
small files and cheap (99 USD) for larger files. I'm afraid the 
source is not available but there will soon be an embeddable API 
version which can be pipelined with other XML processes, e.g. XSL 

The output file is XML so can be processed in any suitable way.

DeltaXML works for any XML files, with or without DTD, and can be 
customized (by us) for a specific DTD to give more intelligent 


At 10:09 AM -0500 4/18/01, Jin Zhao wrote:
>Does anybody know any xml diff tool with source available(in any language)
>? I know there are some java packages from IBM have similar features but
>no source available.
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