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RE: XML Overlays and Deltas: Existing methods? Ideas?

Another idea, perhaps theoretical, is to 
consider the delta syntax itself, that is 
the markup in which the delta is expressed, 
as a "compressed" form of XSLT.  XSLT itself 
can expand or compress the representation 
into a simpler message pattern which could be 
reexpanded for application against particular 
types of documents to be updated.   That would 
work for element and attribute types of the 
message format, certainly, so then the challenge 
would be to determine patterns for the XPath 
or if they are already in optimally compressed 
form.  The only reason I can think of off the 
top for using XSLT like that would be to 
reuse the XSLT semantics for update, append, 
delete operations.


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