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RE: SAX Filters

> http://xmlconf.sourceforge.net/java/apidoc/xml/pipeline/package-su
> mmary.html

Thanks for the link, I've actually been tinkering with something similar,
only the syntax for the PipeFactory is itself an XML document:

  <filter class="...Java class name..."/>

I'm just adding support for <transform/> elements to allow piped
and nested pipes.

I wanted to be able to expose filters pipelines for easy construction by
as well as allow multi-stage transforms (a la Schematron) to be hooked in
as desired as well.

I'd come across an earlier version of xmlconf, but hadn't realised it was
still under
development on sourceforge. (Perhaps my time would be better spent
to that).

I was aiming on working up to having filters that would read a RDDL document
namespace callbacks were generated, and then perhaps configure the
rest of the pipeline to include additional filters, depending on the task at