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RE: Regarding the vote on XML Schema.

> No, they start by marginalizing human needs and deferring data 
> models, which leaves discussions to revolve around the 
> evaluation of techniques against largely mythological use-cases. 

Right, and we end up in a self-delusional train of logic that
seems to satisfy all requirements, but in fact meets few of

This is the very real danger we face. It's not the complexity of
the specifications, or their "correctness", it is the applicability
of them that is at issue.

> But when considering the actual schema language development process, if a
> technology does not spring from considering human factors first, 
> it becomes part of the problem not the solution, to me.  

Hear, hear!

XSchema isn't "bad", in fact for certain things, I might say it's
rather good. It just isn't universally applicable...