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Re: Sun IPR statement on XPointer

In a message dated 27/04/01 05:24:58 GMT Daylight Time, pgrosso@arbortext.com

I believe you are quoting from the *old* IPR statement (to
which Eve linked in her message that presented the new one)?
There is no paragraph numbered 5 in the new IPR statement.
It appears that you've started an entire thread based on this



Thanks for your contribution to the discussion. However I believe it is
inaccurate for you to state that an "entire thread" was based on a
misunderstanding of Eve Maler's document posted to the list on 25th April.

The first post in the thread was mine (other than Eve's original post). If
you care to check my initial post on 25th April you will see that I quoted in
full Sun's revised statement, making it clear that my comments and concerns
related to the current version, not some previous version. Similarly, the
quote that I forwarded to the list later on 25th April was based on numbered
definition 2. of the current Sun statement.

If your point was that one comment in follow up to my post was based on an
outdated document, there I would agree with you. However, that does nothing
to demonstrate improved clarity in the current Sun document, which was, if
you care to check, the focus of my original comment.

I hope the purpose of your interjection was to ensure accurate discussion of
this important topic.

To that end I invite you to explain what you believe Sun's statement actually
_means_ .

If, as some have implied, the Sun statement is clear then I would value
hearing your interpretation. If you don't believe that the Sun statement is
now clear, how then have we progressed the situation over the last 3 months
or so?

If you feel unable to state clearly what the Sun statement actually means for
potential developers of XPointer-oriented software doesn't that confirm my
concern about the continued lack of clarity?

I welcome your further comments on the substance of Sun's current document
and how potential developers of software based on XPointer should view its


Andrew Watt