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[ANNOUNCE]: XML Query Engine with early XQuery support

Xml Query Engine v0.99 is now shipping with early (0.25) XQuery support. If
you want some introductory hands-on exploration of basic XQuery syntax, a
free eval version of the engine is available at http://www.fatdog.com. You
can now select either XQL or XQuery for your query language front end.

From the readme:

"This is a first cut at a very limited implementation of the full XQuery
grammar. This implementation supports FLWR expressions, element
constructors, a limited range of XPath expressions on elements only, simple
predicates testing element existence and text equality, and that's about it.
The good news is that with the exception of expression lists, FLWRs can be
explored in almost full recursive generality, and the features that are in
place can be  employed against actual data."

Here's a sample query:

         FOR $book IN //book
              FOR $author IN $book/author
              WHERE $author/first = 'Dan'

If you have questions about this implementation, please contact me at
howardk@fatdog.com.  I'll be out of the office from Saturday, April 28
through Thursday, May 3, but will be checking email intermittently.

Happy exploring!
Howard Katz

Version 0.99 of XML Query Engine now shipping. Trying, probably in vain, to
disprove Zeno's Paradox.