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Re: XML/XML Transformation - Please Help !!!.....

At 01/04/30 12:35 +0100, Rob Lugt wrote:
>You introduce a very useful and powerful technique for adding structure
>where it doesn't exist.  Thanks for sharing this with us.

It is a common need to infer structure where there is none.  Pages 256-258 
of the Ninth Edition of my book describes inferring a nesting of list items 
from a flat collection of list items.

>Just one minor point though, you stop the "urldesc" mode on reaching a URL
>element.  However, the URL element is in the output document, not the input.
>You should be stopping the "urldesc" chaining on the URLADR element.


><xsl:template match="URL" mode="urldesc"/> <!--stop at next URL-->
>should be
><xsl:template match="URLADR" mode="urldesc"/> <!--stop at next URL-->

You are, of course, right Rob, thank you for pointing that out.  Re-running 
my old stylesheet I can now see the error message that I overlooked before 
because I was focusing on the markup:

T:\ftemp>saxon thushara.xml thushara.xsl
Unexpected: 'URLADR'
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
       <URLDESC xml:lang="en">Homepage of aaa AS</URLDESC>
       <URLDESC xml:lang="no">Homepage of aaa AS NO</URLDESC>
       <URLDESC xml:lang="se">Homepage of aaa AS SE</URLDESC>
       <URLDESC xml:lang="en">Demo of aaabbb.com</URLDESC>
       <URLDESC xml:lang="no">Demo of aaabbb.com NO</URLDESC>

Perhaps I should make my error messages stand out more!

Thanks again for the clarification.

.................... Ken

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