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No Subject

I have a question using Xalan Java 2 from a servlet/jsp page.  I am sent XML
and an XSLT via a web page's form variables.  I must preform a
transformation and return the output.  I can not get the XML/XSLT Strings to
generate DOM's to input into Xalan.  I have tried InputSources along with
every permutation of java streams.  I can take the form variables, save them
as files, and then use the files for input source's and every thing works.
But I can't convert the Strings into a suitable form to feed Xalan.  I
ported the application to Oracle's XML parser v2 and everything works as
expected.  I can't find one reference on the web to creating DOM objects
from form variables, everyone reads their XML from files.  An encoding
issue?  Any help resolving this 3 week old mystery would be greatly

jon pearcy