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Re: XLink resource confusion (long)

At 02:16 1-05-2001, jackson wrote:
>I am confused as to the meaning of 'resource' in the
>the XLink draft spec [Spec]. I'd be glad of any comments.

See 2.1:

    The notion of resources is universal to the World Wide Web.
    [Definition: As discussed in [IETF RFC 2396], a resource is
    any addressable unit of information or service.]

The examples you raise discuss *participating* resources: local resources, 
remote resources, etc.  Everything addressable by a locator (which in the 
case of XPointer is every character, text node, element, attribute, 
comment, processing instruction, point between chararacters, point between 
other nodes, and range of any of these - in short, everything in the 
document) is a resource.  The question for any given link is which 
resources participate in the link, and that is answered by looking at the 
locators for that particular link.  To address one of your examples 
directly, if an element is a local resource, and it has children, the 
children are not explicitly local resources, but they are certainly part of 
the resource in question.

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