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SOAP:Lite, Document clipping with annotation

Soapbox: Magic bullet or dud?
Brett McLaughlin casts a critical eye on the Simple Object Access Protocol,
assessing the value this much-discussed new technology can provide
developers and demonstrating its foundation in a mixture of the old RPC
(remote procedure calls) technology and in XML.

Document clipping with annotation
With WebSphere Transcoding Publisher's XML-based annotation language, you
can identify and extract specific portions of a document, all without
having to touch the HTML source. In this article, we describe how the
annotation language works and provide several examples of how you can use
annotation to tailor Web content for different devices

Using SOAP::Lite with Perl
This article will present a no-nonsense approach to using SOAP::Lite,
Perl's window into SOAP Web services.

Thinking XML #1
This discussion of XML and semantics kicks off a column by Uche Ogbuji on
knowledge management aspects of XML, including metadata, semantics,
Resource Description Framework (RDF), Topic Maps, and autonomous agents.
Approaching the topic from a practical perspective, the column aims to
reach programmers rather than philosophers.
Part 1:
Part 2:

Tip: Converting from JDOM

XML Tutorials