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.xhz -- XHTML/SVG/PNG Zip File

Hello.  I was just trying to solve a simple
packaging problem here -- that is, my HTML files
have lots of PNGs, and other files.  What I'd
really like is a Zip "Virtual File System"

If a browser hits a .xhz file (XML+HTML+ZIP) file, 
it would simply open the "index.html" or "index.xhtml"
file and reset the BASE so that it refers to files
within the Zip Archive.

This would be very useful...  anything like this?
If not, would someone write up an RFC?  It's dirt
simple and IE+Mozilla+Opera should be supporting
something like this out-of-the-box.



P.S.  I _hate_ Microsoft's idea of creating
      a directory for all of the images when
      you save a web page to disk.  Ideally,
      IE could save these pages to a .xhz
P.S.S. This is probably pretty close to Microsoft's CHM
       (Compiled HTML) idea, but I'd rather have the
       packaging format non-proprietary so that it can
       be used across multiple vendors.