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XML Validator


   I'm searching for an XML Parser/Validator that meets the following

   * It must conform to XML 1.0 Second Edition
   * It must continue to parse an XML document with fatal errors to find
     and report further errors in the document
   * It must have some type of catalog system or an similar option to
     use a locally provided DTD rather than the DTD referenced in the
     document type declaration (while it should check if the referenced
     DTD is retrievable and warn if it isn't)
   * It must be fast and easily callable from Perl
   * It must run under Unix/Linux

Thanks in advance,
Björn Höhrmann { mailto:bjoern@hoehrmann.de } http://www.bjoernsworld.de
am Badedeich 7 } Telefon: +49(0)4667/981028 { http://bjoern.hoehrmann.de
25899 Dagebüll { PGP Pub. KeyID: 0xA4357E78 } http://www.learn.to/quote/