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Re: First Order Logic and Semantic Web RE: NPR, Godel,Semantic W eb and being patronizing.

To anyone who may have been offended:

I was warned that the following might be viewed as patronizing, and as not
"cosmopolitan," or somehow not befitting an international mailing list.

So, to clear up any mis-understanding, when I mentioned India and other
countries, I intended to refer to the fact that the general personal
computer market has room to grow in those countries, as compared to, say,
the US or Japan. (India is closing in, especially considering the economic
realities of a large portion of its population.) And I am refering to the
fact that a certain very large software corporation is stepping up its sales
campaigns in those countries.

I am not saying that the people of those countries are buying the illusions
sold by said software corporation to any greater degree than we have bought
them in the US or Japan. I think, if anything, I would be accusing said
corporation of being patronizing in its sales campaigns. I myself feel
talked down to whenever I read their sales material.

> My biggest worry (in this connection, at least) is not so much spotting
> as stopping them. MS as a social phenomenon is a great example of a
> loop. Must of us have spotted the loop, but it has such a momentum that we
> have trouble stopping it, even if Bill weren't busy hard-selling the
> illusion in India and other places where they might not have spotted it

I apologize if I've offended anyone, but facts are facts, opinions are
opinions, I'm a back-desert West Texan trying to make a living in Japan, and
I am not very cosmopolitan, and I would like to reserve the privilege of
making a fool of myself in public, thank you. (Shoot, even Bill G. quite
confidently says the wrong things in public from time to time.)

I guess I need to add the disclaimer that my opinions do not necessarily
reflect the views of my employer, however.

Joel Rees

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