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Re: Generating xml pages from database queries.

Danny Ayers wrote:
> I had a mail from another vendor of a 'Native XML Database' recently, I
> wondering if you use the same definition - the DB is backed by text files
> a filesystem ?

GoXML DB contains four core components: the Storage Manager, the Index
System, the XPath Query Engine, and a Java API. GoXML DB can be deployed as
a stand-alone XML repository, or combined with other products such as GoXML
Search and GoXML Transform.

The Storage Manager stores XML documents as text in a proprietary data
store. This "ensures that document structures and relationships are kept
intact during any operation." It supports multiple, concurrent sessions, as
well as session pooling, and recycles free space automatically, so
compaction is not required. In addition, it allows partial document updates
and document fragment insertion.

The Index System creates and maintains indexes over attribute and element
values. These are used by the XPath Query Engine, which supports XPath with
proprietary extensions. Queries are optimized to select the best combination
of indexes, and complex query support includes "AND and OR predicate
processing", as well as "support for complex XPath predicates."

Transaction support includes read, write, and update locks, as well as
deadlock detection and victim selection. Commits and rollbacks are supported
so that the system can recover in the case of a crash.

Of note, the Java API includes the ability to bind result sets to single or
vector-based variables, making it easier to map XML to objects.

Anyone can now download a copy for eval at:


as long as you plan not to use it for world domination ;-)


Duane Nickull
CTO, XML Global Technologies
XML Search Engine, XML Transformation Engine, native XML Database
"Berock Tools for a successful e-business strategy"