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Re: First Order Logic and Semantic Web RE: NPR, Godel, Semantic W eb

Okay, a fuse to allow breaking semantic loops should be implementable. Is
there some way for the SW standards to enforce inclusion of fuses?

If not, is there at least a way to provide some sort of library function and
encourage implementors to use it? (I'm thinking in terms of certain RTOSs
that provide system calls for drivers to check for deadlock on allocation
requests. If the author of the driver fails to proper use the system
deadlock check calls, you can still have allocation requests causing
deadlock, but at least the RTOS vendor is providing the means and
encouraging driver writers to use them.)

Iwaku Len:

> If a semantic service is considered a service, say
> something at the end of a SOAP call, then you can
> set the loop up as you wish.   The ontology layer
> looks straightforward.


> The web is an amplifier.  Deal with it accordingly.

Brings up another question. Has the SW team produced any concrete means of
dealing with the authority issues?

> Y'all can kick Gates and MS at will but my experience
> is that they will do this as well or better than
> anyone else.  They have to sell a lot of copies of

We all tend to avoid kicking the coyote without shin guards on. Full body
armor is best, but it costs more than I got lying around.


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I guess I asked a different question from I thought. What I had in mind was
to suggest (question?) the possibility of designing SW so that any semantic
loop that formed would be subject to human judgment on its validity as long
as it exists. A required timeout mechanism would also be useful. But I don't
think it would be possible to enforce.