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Reminder: Call for Abstracts deadline May 30

(Please accept our apologies for multiple postings
of this Call for Papers)

********     Call for Chapter Proposals     ********

You are invited to propose papers for a BOOK on:

Information - Modeling - for - Internet - Applications


Different kinds of objects are found on the Internet,
including eg documents, structured databases, and search
engines. This has resulted in new challenges for future
information systems.

Although the creation, manipulation, and retrieval of
Internet documents has benefited from modeling
techniques for information systems and databases, most
web sites have one or more of the following problems:
(a) structured search for documents is not sufficiently
supported, (b) proving properties of web sites is difficult
or impossible, (c) maintenance is not supported by
formal mechanisms, and (d) personalization of
information, or adaptation to user groups, is difficult or

These problems are often caused by the fact that web
sites are not properly modeled before they are
implemented. This leads to a number of questions. What
is an adequate web site modeling technique? What are
the requirements for web site models? What are the
problems in existing approaches? What are the
possibilities of web site modeling in electronic commerce
and distributed artificial intelligence? In order to deal
with such questions, further theoretical foundation as
well as practical application is needed.


Web-oriented conceptual modeling techniques
Data modeling for web sites
Integrity constraints in web sites
Modeling the dynamic aspects of web sites
Hypertext / hyperdocument - data modeling
Personalization of web sites
Models for adaptive hypertext
Verification of web site properties
Web development CASE tools
Formal models of web sites
Case studies on web site modeling
Web site maintenance
Models for the evolution of web sites
Web query languages
Integration of data modeling and document retrieval
Multimedia data modeling in web site development
Data distribution and integration via web sites
Architectures for web-based information systems

Other related topics may be proposed as well. The book
will be published by IDEA GROUP PUBLISHING,
Hershey, Pennsylvania, USA.


May 30, 2001: submission of proposals
June 30, 2001: notification of acceptance
October 15, 2001: full chapters due
December 31, 2001: revised chapters due
March 1, 2002: final accepted chapters due


You are invited to submit a proposal of 2-4 pages
describing the focus of your paper. The proposal should
also give the tentative organization of the paper (section
titles with section summaries).

Papers should be original and should not be submitted 
for publication or published elsewhere. 

Electronic submissions are required. Please e-mail your
proposal or questions to P. van Bommel, Dept. of Computer
Science, University of Nijmegen, The Netherlands,
pvb@cs.kun.nl with subject IGP-PROPOSAL.