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Forgive the simplicity of the question and any awkward language-I am just 6 days into my XML adventure. I am creating a tool which will allow "writers" to utilize an online form wherein the fields adhere to our learning application templates. These forms will be generated as XML files.  I would like the "writer" to be able to declare certain words bold, italic, underlined, etc. Bold would then be outputted as an element, ie <BOLD>.
How can I then take this element and dynamically transfer this to my XSLT thus resulting in a correctly formatted html file?
See example of an outputted XML file-
    <one>What is the answer?</one>
    <two>Where can I find it?</two>
<bold>Read the following question above and answer it below.</bold>
    <responder1>The answer is <bold>not</bold> what you have indicated.
The bold element will be in multiple places in several levels. How can I apply a style to all of these elements in my XSLT template? I do not want to go in manually and apply span classes to each "formatting element". I would like to set some sort of syntax that would declare this for all "formatting elements".
Secondly, can you embed elements such as in <responder1>?
Thanks and for your patience as well-
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